The Office of Antiquites: Wildcards

Episode 5
Will it Werewolf?

Dan walked into his room to find a large box. On top was a letter. Dan read it and smiled. He reached inside the box and pulled out the helmet he wore when he was in the VDE.

Two days passed with fern dwelling in her lab and Dan constantly checking for signs of Pistachio’s tracker.

It was three in the morning and Tempe woke up. The only other light on was Fern’s lab.

“Hello?”, Tempe called out.

“I’m in the back.” Fern replied with irritation in her voice. She was busy checking results that didn’t make sense.

“Remember the girl I accidently killed?” Tempe asked.

“Yeah, that was a thing.”

“Uh, she came to me in my sleep. She needs me to do something and promises information in exchange.”

“As a ghost?”

“A spirit, she has a husband and son. They didn’t know what she did. She doesn’t want them to do without, and computers aren’t my thing.” Tempe finished

“Yeah I’ll help you out…BINGO!” Fern suddenly interrupted herself. There in the genetic code itself was the copyright trademark of Weyland-Yutani bioweapons. Corporate bastards had to make sure everyone knew it was theirs.

“Look,” she excitedly motioned over Tempe.

“What am I looking at?”

“That is the product trade mark that Weyland-Yutani placed into the genes of those dog creatures showing that it was theirs!” She swapped a few dials, “And there!”

“Ok same thing, but it’s a little different.” Tempe said as she looked at this new sample.

“Yes, that’s the corporate tag on the insect beetle things genes. We have a suspect; Damn I should have said ‘jenkies’ first!

MINERVA appeared in the lab. Her soft blue light brightening the room. “Fern, I have a sample of Pistachio’s blood from his event at the castle. Will you please review it against your last two samples?”

“Sure.” Fern was still irritated that the A.I. had refused to let them pursue Pistachio and now acted as if it cared.

The information came up on her screen, she began to go over it. There it was, tied into his DNA was a marker, BWP-7539-5. Pistachio had been a test subject, or a clone or god knows what else. She quickly debated the merits of hiding this information and decided to keep it close to her chest.

“Nothing here, at least nothing unusual for Pistachio…” Fern told the two women, real and simulated, she shared the room with.

“Very well.” MINERVA said curtly and disappeared.

The girls said good night and went back to sleep.

At 5 a.m. the sirens began screaming throughout the complex.

“Everyone to the conference room! Now!” MINERVA commanded over the intercom.
MTF PHI-7 gathered around the center of the conference room. The girls looked rough.

Bono was sipping coffee while sporting a pair of ear protection.

MINERVA appeared, “I have a position on Pistachio.”

Dan spoke up, “Get ready to roll, team.”

Bono whistled at Dan and gave him a thumbs up.

Dan had traded in his NSA suit for his full VDE gear. His mask was pulled back but hints of design could be seen.

“I have the bus ready for transport. The signal is in a remote sector of White Sands testing range. I will continue to monitor while you are in transit.” MINERVA informed.

The team loaded up into the familiar surroundings of the bus. Dan pulled out and focused on getting Pistachio back.

Pistachio slowly began to blink awake. He was slumped against the glass of a large specimen tube.

The room swam into view. There were four other specimen tubes in the room. One contained his doppelganger. “That dude looks like a dick.” Pistachio thought to himself. A man who looked like a scientist type, a woman, and a bunch of techs filled the room.

Pistachio shrugged, got as comfortable as he could and slept.

Dan pulled the bus onto a hill overlooking the small squat building that Pistachio’s signal was coming from. It looked to have been built in the 1940’s. Three men with guns stood a disinterested and sloppy post at the front of the building.

“Team we have organics. We want fast and loud or slow and ninja?” Dan advised.

“So should we be quiet and sneaky?” Fern asked.

“If we could take them out all at once, that would be the best plan.” Dan added.

Fern held up her hand indicating that she wanted everyone to switch to channel 50 on their radios. She didn’t want MINERVA listening in.

Everyone shifted over their radios.

“Guys, I found something in Pistachio’s blood sample. A tag, just like the creatures. He is a subject or a creation of Weyland-Yutani. I didn’t let MINERVA know. I think it needs to be on the low down.”

“Good. I don’t trust the bitch.” was all Dan said.

“There’s no way to approach.” Tempe observed.

“Hard and fast it is. I’ll hit them with the bus.” Dan said flatly.

The bus trundled up the road gaining speed.

The guards were slow to respond and walked into the road to check ids.

The bus continued to speed up.

The guard in the center raised his hand to signal a stop.

Dan smiled and pressed harder on the gas. He watched the three guards slide under the unstoppable bus. He stopped with the bus door facing the facility door.

Tempe looked the front of the building over and seen no cameras or reinforced facility.
The doors were unlocked and opened easily.Tempe tossed the drone into the air, and guided it into the building, watching its camera in her goggles.

A T-shaped hall way was present immediately. Sand was gathered along the edges and dust lay across the halls. Tracks disturbed the dust in multiple paths. Lights were on but missing in areas. It was occupied but haphazardly and had been abandoned in the past.
She flew the drone down the center hall. There were several doors, but the windows were frosted.

Seeing the hallway empty, Dan stepped into the hall.

Tempe recalled the drone catching it as it landed in her hand.

Tempe and Arturo both joined Dan.

Fern set herself up in the bus to try and supervise the op.

Bono grabbed His P90 and took his place with Tempe.

Dan looked at Arturo, damn he was young. Had he ever been that young?
“This building looks to be a typical old style boxes in a box floor plan. Stay fast. We are not here for prisoners or information. We are simply here to bring our boy home. If it’s not us, kill it.”

Dan Headed toward the center hallway.

Arturo shifted to Lupine form as he headed down the right side hall.

Tempe and Bono headed to the left hand hall.

Arturo’s senses exploded. He could smell the Wyrm on the wind. He could smell Pistachio. He could smell Pistachio from four different sources. That wasn’t good.

Dan made his way to the closest door and began to check the handle. It was not locked. He slowly edged it open trying to see what lay past it.

Inside the room there where several specimen tubes, inside two of the tubes were Pistachio. Two Pistachio’s.

A technician was working at a computer. The room was cooler, brighter ad cleaner.
Pistachio looked up. There was a man in heavy armor and a ballistic mask with white stripes opened the door.

Fern was watching the video feed and drew in a quick breath.

“Team I think I have eyes on our prize. Problem is I have two Pistachios.” Dan radioed.
Arturo turned around and started to charge back.

Tempe and Bono headed back to Dan.

Pistachio smiled and pressed his ass against the tube glass. This should keep them from thinking he was the evil twin. Was he the evil twin?

Through the back doors another Pistachio walked out escorted by what appeared to be a nurse and a doctor.

Dan had pulled back and grabbed a flash bang off of his vest. He pulled the pin and his finger ripped through the pull ring. He fumbled the grenade and it fell at his feet. Luckily the pin had stayed in place.

Dan snatched up the grenade and grabbed the pin itself and jerked. His throw this time was dead on target. The grenade landed in the center of the other people in the room.
Dan’s mask dimmed his view to protect him, and deadened sound.

The flash didn’t catch Pistachio’s eyes as he still had his ass pressed against the glass. ‘Tactical mooning’, Pistachio thought to his self. ‘Team Meat serving up pressed hams’. He smiled at his own inner monologue joke. It took his mind off the pain in his ears.
The over pressure from the grenade hurt Arturo’s ears.

Tempe and Bono proceeded to the second door and began to enter the room to help cover the area.

Dan breached.

The people in the room were crumpled on the floor, blind and in pain.

Arturo dashed between Dan’s legs.

“Don’t clip the balls!” Dan shouted as he felt Arturo pass.

Tempe seen the Pistachio with his ass on the glass, and seen the scars on his face that Arturo had not intended to give him. That was their Pistachio all right.

Fern radioed in to the team, “Steal anything not nailed down so I can try and see what they are doing.”

“Copy that.” Dan responded.

The specimen tubes were not a model Tempe was familiar with. Where was the open button?

Dan heard movement in the room behind him. He grabbed the door and braced it shut; he placed a foot on the wall.

Bono snatched up the Tech’s chair and slammed the chair on the tube. Nothing
Fern opened a closed channel to Tempe.

“It’s a class Omega specimen container.” She quickly guided Tempe through the menus, “Try 1999 for a pass code.”

The tube hissed open. Pistachio stood up tried to step out, and failed. He fastened his pants and stepped out.

Arturo attacked the downed guard and bit deeply into his throat. He felt the man attempt to fight, and then fade away.

Dan felt a pull from the other side of the door, but held firm.

Arturo felt a radiant of cold, the smell of death and ancient dust flooded his senses. There in the corner of the other room was an Ancient man surrounded by three other men in Dark suits.

Arturo started to move to them, and shifted to Crinos as he did.

Bono whistled at Pistachio and tossed him one of the pistols Bono carried.

Tempe looked around the room. They needed to leave. Her eye’s stopped on a flash drive sitting at the tech station and the Tech’s ID. She grabbed them both.

“Time to go guys!” Tempe yelled.

Dan pulled a frag grenade pulled the pin and jammed it, with the spoon still on, into the space between the frame and door handles.

One of the suited men grabbed the Pistachio from the floor and began dragging him back to the waiting elder.

Arturo grabbed the scientist. He looked at the Crinos form Garou in front of him. The man had seen strange but his mind refused this. He began screaming and fainted. Arturo threw the dead weight onto his shoulder. “Team, do not approach the ones in the back. They smell of a crypt and rot!” Arturo growled into his comms.

“Package secure, everyone vacate! I’m last man out!” Dan ordered over the comms.

“There can only be one!” Pistachio said as he shot the controls on his doppelganger’s tube.

Arturo stormed onto the bus, casually tossing the scientist into the back.

Tempe and Bono were hot on his heels.

Fern started the bus.

Pistachio stopped at the door to the bus to watch Dan’s back.

Dan ran to the bus. Behind him he heard the door jerk open and the grenade fall. The men inside crowded the door to bring their weapons to bear on him. That’s when the grenade exploded, ending any threat they presented.

As Dan’s feet hit the door, Fern stepped on the gas.

They pulled away and everyone finally began to catch their breath.

“So what have you guys been up to?” Pistachio asked casually.

Fern was still at the wheel when she seen the blue and red of police lights in her rear mirror. She pressed down on the gas. “Guys we may have an issue.”

The police were still following. A chopper began to spotlight them.

Fern kicked her comms back over to the channel MINERVA monitored. “We have police trying to stop us.”

“Pull over and present them with your credentials.” MINERVA demanded.

Fern brought the bus to a stop and watched as three officers tried to secure the area.
They began to shout commands, but where interrupted by ear splitting static burst that made them stop.

“Officers, this is National Security Artificial Intelligence 7J27525, these people are official operatives of the American Union. You may check their credentials. That is all you may do. Anything beyond that is outside the scope of your duties. You may not ask questions, nor may you search the operatives or the vehicle. They are on official AU business.” MINERVA announced over the police radios and the teams comms.

The police were shaken. They began to shakily check the presented credentials. They got to Pistachio. Pistachio had no credentials.

The lead officer began to call in to his home base again when MINERVA interrupted.

“Officer you have no authority over this mission. You have seen their valid credentials. You have no authority to question anyone present. Anyone or thing on this bus is considered AU property. Your job is complete. EXIT MY VEHICLE.”

“You can’t just come into our jurisdiction, and start throwing federal authority in our face!” one of the officers began to raise his voice.

“Can I just shoot him?” Pistachio asked.

“Please don’t.” Tempe replied.

“Well I’m not going to say you can, but if you do…” Dan trailed off.

“But then we have to bury them.” Fern added.

“Nah, the Scooby can eat them.” Pistachio added as he pointed to Arturo.

The officers had not been trained for this and backed off the bus.

MTF PHI-7 resumed their trip home to the outpost.

Episode 4
"Finally delivering the box"

The giant shapes slammed into the creatures, batting them away like flies.

The chaos allowed Dan to shoulder Pistachio, and head for the bus. As he ran the battered creatures burst into flames. The crowd became an uneasy Mexican stand-off. Everyone watched everyone else nervously.

Tempe finally spoke up, “What do you want?” as she glanced at the wolves, her eyes caught on a brand on its arm. She swore it was a mark she knows.

The wolf shifted back to human.

It looked at her, “Temperance?”

“Gwyneth? What are you doing here?”

“Tracking these creatures. Get on the bus, we will try and get you out of here.”

Fern ducked out of the bus to take a sample from the two closest creatures.

As Dan and the Garou pushed the burning wrecks off of the road, Fern and Temperance tried to stabilize the wounded and make them as comfortable as possible.

The Garou and Dan boarded the bus. Tempe walked up to Gwyn, as the later shifted back to the blond haired girl she went to collage with.

Before she could speak, MINERVA chimed in, “Identify who else is in the vehicle. I am observing three heat signatures who are not MTF.”

While most of the others only had to hear the matriarchal scolding in the A.I.’s voice, Tempe and Fern were treated to the image of the A.I., standing, arms crossed impatiently tapping her foot in their HUDs.

“We had an encounter with unknown quadrupeds. We have an injured woman in the back that needs transport to medical. Pistachio is seriously injured. There is also two, wolf-people that assisted us in dealing with the quadrupeds.”

“Clarify wolf-people.” MINERVA requested.

“Not exactly certain. Bipedal, canine like, I don’t know.” Dan stumbled in his definition. “The fictional term is werewolf, but I don’t know…”

MINERVA cut him off. “You were not cleared to utilize outside resources.”

“We didn’t ask, it just happened, not much I could do about it. They have proven themselves to be capable. We would still be clearing cars right now.

MINERVA redirected her attention, “Temperance, please give me a visual of the two new individuals.”

Tempe turned and looked over Gwyn and her companion.

“Recognized as Garou Nation, Glasswalkers.” MINERVA stated curtly and fell silent.

Gwyn gave Tempe a questioning look as she raised a hand to the com device she wore. “I still need to talk to my pack leader. Understood.”

Tempe was unsure of which question of the thousands she had for her collage friend to start with. “So who do you report to?”

“I have my pack, you know. Like you have your guys here, I have my pack.” Gwyn answered. “I’m sorry I never told you, but it doesn’t just come up in conversation. Yeah I went out with Johnny last week, and by the way, I’m a god damn werewolf.”

“Do you have an engagement you need to attend?”

“We were hunting down those things that attacked you. They were created using DNA stolen from the Garou Nation. We have no proof but we think Weyland-Yutani made them.”

“We are going to get those samples examined as soon as possible.”

“Well I would have to make some calls but it seems like you have something we could learn from so I may be able to utilize some of our facilities.” Gwyn answered.

“Are they on the way?”

“Like regionally?” Dan asked.

“Negative, case delivery is priority.” MINERVA commanded.

“MINERVA has spoken.” Dan spat the words as if they were sour, “Case delivery is job one.”

“What is happening with the wounded in the back of the bus? I am registering a temperature anomaly of 175 degrees.” MINERVA questioned.

“Uh oh…” Tempe let slip as everyone turned to focus on the wounded woman that they had onboard.

What had been a woman was now a fleshy pupa. It split open as they watched. A large greenish insectoid rose from the casing. It immediately grabbed Pistachio and enveloped him. Its body split open to cover him completely.

“Someone grab something to tie it down!” Tempe yelled

The inside of the bus was deafening as Bono unloaded a burst of fire from his guns into the creature.

“Don’t shoot Pistachio too much!” Dan cautioned from the front seats.

“He has nanites!” Fern called from the driver’s seat.

“MINERVA! The Situation is a shit show. The wounded woman became some kind of Insect and has engulfed Pistachio. Can you tell me anything about this?” Dan requested of his least favorite A.I.

“No. There is nothing in the records of this. I have seen similar models used as transport, but not this. Please document.”

“Yeah, we will make sure to grab souvenirs.”

“That is the correct procedure.” MINERVA replied

“This is the second time that things have singled him out. Do you have anything on Pistachio’s history?” Tempe asked the A.I.

“We have no files on Pistachio. There is no documentation of his existence before he walked out of the woods to board the plane to Miskatonik castle. Wait there is another sig….”static cut out the rest of MINERVA’s comment.

Suddenly there was the sound of things landing on the roof of the buss.

“Hit the gas!” Arturo barked to the driver. He couldn’t remember her name.

The bus lurched forward, slowly gaining speed till it was running at 60 miles an hour.

Unfortunately, the jerk happened as Milton had pulled the trigger on his blackout. The cairned off the curved roof and struck Dan solidly into his soft armor. He sat heavily back into his seat and tried desperately to breath.

The screech of metal ripped into the area due to the creatures on top digging their way in.
Bono steadied himself and took aim at the insect’s eye. He was rewarded with the creature’s left compound eye bursting into a cloud of blood.

Tempe focused and reached out with her power. A creature yelps. It then began to emit the whistling chitter that they had just heard for the first time earlier that night.

The metal roof protests the force placed on it. With a scream, the metal parted and the insect began to struggle for the sky.

Gwen jerked the trigger to her gun, but the round flew wide.

Arturo instinctively reached out for the creature digging his claws in. The claws ripped into the neck of the creature. He felt the sickening flesh give way and then felt his claws bight into something tougher.

Tempe looked on to the scene and could see the fresh wounds across Pistachio’s face.

The creature continued its accent. It made it through the roof and struggled drunkenly over the sparse woods before crashing in the distance.

The two beasts from earlier leap from the roof and charge off after it.

“Fern stop!” Arturo yelled.

Fern slams on the breaks.

Tempe slammed into the seat in front of her.

Bono leapt through the new hole in the roof and started scanning the area.

Dan rushes out of the bus door, but the darkness of the night revealed nothing. “MINERAV, you there?”

MINERVA answered, “Yes, there was an interfering signal.”

“The insect took Pistachio and has left the area. I have headed out on foot in pursuit.”

“Regretful. Rejoin the bus and resume delivery of the package to site 305.”

Dan turned, holstering the Reverend, and nearly running into the hulking form of Arturo.

“What are we doing?”

“MINERVA says the case is priority.” Dan spat the words.

“We can’t just leave him behind!” Fern objected.

“I’m not a fan of it either, but the mission is the mission.”

Arturo’s cellphone interrupted the exchange.


“Arturo, its Juan. I have been advised of the situation. Gwen will return with anything she has. You will stay with that team until I call you home.”

Arturo could see Gwen was also on her phone. She nodded smiled at him and headed out of the bus, into the night. He regretted seeing her leave. She still had not noticed him.
Tempe opened a side window and leaned out, switching her vision to thermal. She could see four heat sources entering a vehicle in the distance.

“They are gone. We can’t close the distance to get to the vehicle.” Tempe relayed.

MINERVA tells them she will try and track the vehicle, but to get back on task.

Tempe voices “If whoever this is wanted Pistachio that bad, they are not going to kill him. We should deliver the package and then try to recover Pistachio.”

Fern stormed to the rear of the bus and collapsed in a seat, sulking to herself.

Dan sat in the driver seat and started to head down the road.

The days and nights passed with Dan and Arturo swapping in the driving.

Quiet anger dominated the rest of the drive but the path to Site 305 was uneventful.

They delivered the case to another Massive Dynamics team at Site 305.

SITE 305 is a huge Massive Dynamics facility.

They are issued their IDs.

MINERVA recalled them to the Outpost.

The Outpost was a squat, eight sided building made of concrete. Not what Arturo was expecting.

“Welcome to the outpost. Holding cell hell.” Fern said distastefully.

As the bus pulled in, several robots begin to swarm the vehicle and start to repair it.

Fern snatched up the sample and stormed into her lab. She was pissed that she didn’t know how to slam a sliding door.

Dan dropped off the weapons that were recovered on the trip.

Tempe helped Arturo find the only unused room on the first floor. She then walked over to place the page in her lab. She had to deliver the statue, but she wasn’t under any orders to turn in the page.

She was bone tired and wanted some real sleep.

Arturo found his room already been delivered his gear to the outpost. An envelope contained his ID. He was now a member of MTF Phi 7.

Episode 3
Where Wolves?

Dan drove on. His companions occupied themselves as they could. All of them still dealing with the events of that morning.

Tempe took notes and studied the arcane page about the Binder.

Fern occasionally consulted with her, but mainly went back over her gear the martial action making her mind calm itself.

Bono Slept. Pistachio followed his lead.

Milton seamed to sleep, but occasionally checked on the detainee.

A few hours later the silence was broken by the chime over their comlinks that MINERVA was joining the channel.

“I require a status update.” Her voice softly demanded.

Dan coughed, all eyes turned to him. “Um, we encountered a blockade from an exterior force that we later identified as the..” he paused to remember the name of the cult.

“Church of pain in my ass.”, Fern chimed in.

“The Esoteric Order of Dagon,” Dan continued. “We engaged them in combat, killed several and wounded others. We have one detainee for questioning. The van was damaged and we took one of their busses for transport.” Dan was beginning to feel for the shit Teach had dealt with as the lead man in the VDE.

“This does not fully corroborate the video feed of the events.” MINERVA stated flatly. “The damage to the vehicle was majorly caused by a member of the MTF.”

“Correct, to protect secrecy and to not leave behind traces to lead to us or our mission, Milton deployed thermite.” Dan glanced into the review mirror and was met by Pistachio giving him two thumbs up and mouthing the words, ‘Way to bullshit’. How did he become the spokesman for the group?

“Very well. Tactical analysis agrees. Continue on route to Site 305. At this point your MTF has successfully engaged in hostilities, your team has earned the right to have a squad designation.”

“MINERVA give us some time to confer on this team name and we will get back to you.”

“Very well.” The comlinks chimed with MINERVA’s exit chime.

“Congrats,” said Milton, “Just don’t name yourselves the fighting dreidels or some shit.”

Silence settled back into the bus and people settled around. Fern briefly shuffled through the CDs in the front of the bus but the first one was a track of unusual chanting and sound. Fern and Dan looked at each other and stated a flat “no”.

“Someone should try and start working on the detainee.” Dan suggested.

“Can we make her sing? She might know hotel California.” Pistachio added to no one in particular.

“I think I might have an ideal..” Tempe stated, the words escaping her as a secret that she didn’t want to tell. She walked to the back of the bus.

“Let me know if you need anything for enhanced interrogation, I think there is a cigarette lighter up here.” Dan shouted

Tempe sat across from the brooding woman.

“What’s your name?” Tempe asked.

“I’m not paid to tell you my name.” The woman stated.

“Who do you work for?” Tempe tried again.

“I’m not paid to tell you that either.”

“I have ways to make you talk.”

“Do what you have to do sister.” was all the mercenary stated.

“MAKE HER SING!” Pistachio shouted from the front, “FREEBIRD!”

Tempe tried to ignore her and began to reach out in a new way with her power. she used her power to pull the woman’s breath from her lungs.

The mercenary began to choke and strain as she could not pull air into herself.

“Who do you work for?” Tempe asked again as the woman turned white and her eyes rolled up into her head. Tempe was shocked, the ease. The simplicity she had just snuffed out this woman’s life. The woman was collapsed on the floor. Tempe reached down and placed her hand on the woman’s throat. She absent mindedly scanned her face and her fingertips into her glasses.

Tempe stood and began to walk forward, “Guys, I think, I think I killed her…”

“What are we doing with her body.” Fern asked

Dan and the other three had a quick discussion of what to do with the body. It was decided that they didn’t have time to bury her. They would hold on to her body till they could deal with her. Fern sat quietly dealing with this new dark taint that now seemed to show on her gift.

“So what we just fabreeze her?”

They stopped momentarily to wrap her body in what they could find on the bus, and placed her in storage under the bus.

As the day wore on the scenery passed and they crossed into Oklahoma. The scrublands were an uninteresting backdrop. Fern and Dan swapped out, and she pulled the bus back onto the road. She drove on into the night. She glanced into the mirror and watched Tempe. The Mercenary’s death had affected her new friend deeply.

Before she could ponder this further she crested a hill and witnessed a scene out of a bad movie. The road was on fire and there were multiple wrecked vehicles. “Guys, Guys, get up.”
“There are people still alive in there” Tempe stated as she glanced over the wreckage. Fern edged the bus to what she felt was a safe distance.

Pistachio grabbed the trauma bag and headed off the bus, followed by Milton, Dan and Tempe.

Closest to them a woman was trapped under a burning car screaming. As they approached her, they could make out her screams.

“Where is my baby? Where is Matthew?”

Tempe heard a baby cry off to her left in the edge of the woods. She couldn’t let someone else die right now. She ran towards the cry.

At the car Pistachio began to assess his patient. She had major injuries to her mid-section and broken hips. She was not going to last long. He braced her as best as he could then enlisted Milton to help move the car off of her. The weight of the car was now off of her and the blood began to flow freely. Pistachio quickly applied the Quik-clot from the bag and wrapped the wound.

She was ashen and had passed out. Pistachio pulled the emergency Mylar blanket out of the kit and wrapped her up. “We have to get her help immediately.”

Fern watched as she sat in the driver’s seat, clutching the case. Dan headed out of the bus doors to try and help in some way.

Tempe winded her way through some of the brush and stopped to listen. The baby’s cry was moving away from her. Her hand went to her glasses to shift her view into thermal. Ahead of her, from where the cries were coming from, she could now see two forms. They were on all fours but their body temperatures were lower than the surrounding air. They moved smoothly, they had the grace of a big predatory cat.

“What’s going on guys, I’m still on the bus? Tempe where are you?” Fern asked across the coms.

“I have contact. Here are my visuals.” Tempe answered

“Ok, Oh good god.” Fern exclaimed as she could now see the creatures Tempe could see.

“Care to elaborate on good god?” Dan asked.

“Oh god what?” Pistachio echoed.

“We have two lifeforms by Tempe. They are unknown and have a body temp of lower than the surrounding area.” Fern filled in the group.

“Milt, I need you with me!” Tempe cut across the channel.

Milton pulled his .300 Blackout to the ready and headed towards her.

As Dan stood security at the bus door he could hear a voice from the dark to the left hand of the road, “Help. Help, is there somebody up there?”

Milton arrived and Tempe stood up and highlighted one of the creatures with her tactical light. They could see it now. It was hairless and its skin so red that it looked like they had just been skinned. They had a flat head and there was no sign of eyes. A series of spines ran along its back. The eyeless creature gave the impression of looking at them and emitted a whistling chirping sound.

Milton watched the creature he had locked in the sights. He took a step towards the creature. The creature moved a step back and to the right of Milton. “Flanking, huh?”
Tempe scanned across the creatures looking for the baby. Her stomach sank as she watched one of the creature’s throat move as she heard the crying of the baby again.
Milton had seen enough and slowly squeezed the trigger. The compact rifle made a quiet coughing sound, and the bullet found its mark. The left side of the creature’s chest erupted blood. It tumbled twice and rolled into the darkness.

Tempe heard a coughing bark from the other creature as it turned and moved deeper in to the brush.

Dan heard the suppressed shot and drew “The Reverend”. From the side of the road Dan heard the voice again, “Help, Help.”

Pistachio passed Dan as he carried the now unconscious woman onto the bus. Pistachio passed him again as he headed back out to protect the approach of the others.
“Everyone on the bus. 360 perimeter!” Milton called over the comlinks as he and Tempe headed to the bus.

“MINERVA! Can you get me some aerial assets? Anything?” Tempe requested as she ran.
“Uncertain, I will try and move assets into your battlespace.” Was all the A.I. could answer.
Fern felt all of the hair on her body stand on end when she heard the man calling to Dan. “Don’t. Just don’t go over there.”

As the MTF closed in around the bus, the shadows of the creatures, now numbering 6, came into view. The night came alive with the chattering/whistling calls.

Dan seen movement from the side of the road the man had been calling from. One of the red creatures came into view. Its throat moved as he heard the call again, ‘Help me, Help me.’
Dan raised the Rev, “Fuck your help.” And squeezed the trigger. The creature rolled backwards as the bullet impacted it.

Pistachio moved towards the bus, three members of the pack targeted it. Pistachio raised his carbine and shot one of the advancing creatures where its skull should be. The head erupted into a fountain of blood and then as the body collapsed, it burst into brilliant flames. Pistachio’s celebration was cut short as his left femur shattered when one of the creatures bit into him. Pistachio fell and the other two attacker’s jaws snapping in the empty space he had just been occupying.

SIGMA-1 had acquired the target and began to pull him away from the other meat.
Fern pulled open the driver side window and leaned out with her P90 and drew down on the creatures attacking Pistachio. The weapon barked and the creature tumbled away from Pistachio. As it recovered it limped into the darkness.

Milton climbed on top of the bus for a better view. He pounded on the roof, “Pass up Vera!”
Fern left her perch and handed up the large .50 BMG rifle.

Tempe had run around the back of the bus and seen another shape approaching from the rear. She grabbed the flash bang from her vest and tossed it at the shadow. As the grenade went off, all of the comlinks went quiet till the sound was extinguished. Tempe didn’t stop until she reached Dan.

Milton took aim with the Sniper rifle and squeezed the trigger. The bullet ripped past Pistachio and impacted into the creature that had been attached to his leg. As the creature regained its feet it bit into Pistachio again this time crushing his left hip. Pain shot through his body as the iliac crest shattered. Pistachio fought to stay awake as the creature began to pull him away from his friends again.

One of the creatures advanced on Dan and Tempe as they guarded the bus door. Tempe reached out with her power and hit the animal attacking Pistachio. She then reached out to hit one of the creatures that had moved to try and block them from reaching Pistachio.
Pistachio felt the pressure on his hip lessen and took the opportunity to jam the barrel into its face and squeezed. The animal jerked hard on Pistachio. Pain rushed back in to fill all the spaces in his mind.

Dan brought the Reverend onto target on one of the interceptors and as his bullet found its target, the creature burst into flame and collapsed. Dan swung the Rev into place the closest creature and squeezed the trigger. The round struck the rear flank of the creature and it screamed as bone exited the wound.

Fern leaned out of the window and as she raised her P90 to fire, she heard a light snoring sound. “Bono? Get up you stupid damn rat.” She acquired her target and fired as she heard the raccoon yawn. The rounds slammed into one of the creatures in Dan’s way. The body was ripped in half by the stitching of the 5.7×28mm rounds. The body ignited and added to the flames, smoke and stink on the road. Fern heard the sound of her weapon jamming. She pulled back as she cleared its action.

Tempe joined the fire fight and her bullets ripped along the closest creature’s midline. It snarled and jumped back.

Bono leaned out of the window Fern had occupied and brought his 5N7 to bear and placed a round into the body of the one pulling Pistachio away from the group.

Pistachio tried to fire again on his attacker but was unable to get his eyes to focus on his target.

Dan could see the animals trying to pull Pistachio away. He slammed the Rev into it’s holster, and pulled his Dragonov off his back and snapped a shot at the one pulling Pistachio. The creature burst into flames, unfortunately so did Pistachio.

Milton fired Vera, his rounds striking the creatures trying to block the rescue attempt.
Fran glanced up from the conflict, there were now two new much larger shapes approaching from behind the creatures. They were at least hotter than the background, but they were approaching.

She drew down on the knot of creatures and fired. The rounds ripped around the animal, and it lunged at Pistachio and, biting his foot began to pull him to the shadows. The heated shapes closed on them. Bono leaned past Fern and threw a flash-bang.

Dan is able to get past the guards and grabs Pistachio. As Dan pulls, the animal pulled back.
“Milt hold on!” Fern yelled as she gassed the bus. A scream of torn metal screeched inside the cabin as Milton slammed his combat knife into the roof. The bus closed the distance and arrived at her goal.

As they fought over Pistachio, the two heated shapes burst forward. Dan shook his head, were those werewolves? Seriously fucking werewolves?

The giant shapes slammed into the creatures, batting them away like flies.

The chaos allowed Dan to shoulder Pistachio, and head for the bus. As he ran the battered creatures burst into flames. The crowd became an uneasy Mexican stand-off. Everyone watched everyone else nervously.

Tempe finally spoke up, “What do you want?” as she glanced at the wolves, her eyes caught on a brand on its arm. She swore it was a mark she knows. The wolf shifted back to human.
It looked at her, “Temperance?”

“Gwyneth? What are you doing here?”

“Tracking these creatures. Get on the bus, we will try and get you out of here.”

Fern ducked out of the bus to take a sample from the two closest creatures.

Ep 1.5
No the raccoon can't drive

It had been three days since the team had arrived at the Outpost. They had settled into the daily routine of their days at the outpost. Fern and Tempest set up their lab space in open bays on their floor. The boys settled into their rooms. The place was unmanned in the traditional sense.

The first floor was left to MTF Phi 7. The second floor was the Hellcat’s hole. Roaming around the facility was Minerva’s work fleet. The DRD’s cleaned and maintained the building. Johnny 5’s did vehicle maintenance and manual labor. The Hellcats had named the robots and Phi 7 had just taken to calling them by the same names.

The days passed slowly. Fern had made time to get Jackie to familiarize her with her P90. Her world had become a strange mess of crazy in the last week and the familiarity of martial instruction had actually made her feel normal.

Today though, the lights coming on were accompanied by the chime and Minerva’s voice. “Please meet in the ready room for mission briefing.” A single chime was all that was needed to get most of the team up and moving. Most of the team.

Pistachio rolled over and pulled the blankets up.

The lights brightened, “Please do not make me escalate this. Please get to the meeting.” Minerva’s voice chimed again.

“Uhh”, Pistachio moaned, “Turn the shower on.” The water hissed on in the bathroom.

The room was filled with chatter and the mixed smells of everyone’s breakfast. They slowly gathered around the central table. The lights dimmed and Minerva’s digital image appeared.
“Good morning. MTF Phi 7 you will be assigned to a simple escort mission today.”

“Simple escort mission?” Fern asked.

“Yeah, because nothing ever goes wrong with those.” Dan added derisively.

“One member of Hellcat will be accompanying you on the mission.”, Minerva added, “Milton Shaddik will be your designated support.”

“There is no current indications of EMP storms. You will be air transported to Tennessee. There you will have ground transport waiting for you. You will travel to Site 87. At Site 87 you will receive the package. Do not open the package. You will ground transport the package to Site 305, and release the package to the staff there.”

“So this is like, a pick-up, drop off no big deal, right?” Fern asked.

“Any Questions?”

“What are we escorting?” Dan questioned

“Yeah are we allowed to know what we are escorting?” Fern added

“No.” Minerva curtly replied.

“Is whatever it is volatile?” Dan soldiered on

“Not in the traditional sense.” Minerva answered

“is it a….person?” Fern asked with trepidation

“It is an item, a case 20 inches by 15 inches by 9 inches. There is no expected resistance or hostility. Ground transport will be provided at the Tennessee airport.”

“Any special considerations for the package?” Dan asked

“Do not open the package.” Minerva answered again.

“Your transport is in the vehicle bay. A preset DAGR is in the vehicle. Please depart in the next 25 minutes.”

The hologram dissolved and the lights brightened. The meeting was obviously over.

The next 25 minutes were a hectic circus of quick questions and short responses as Phi 7 struggled to cover all of their bases.

Pistachio was shoving MRE cases, water cases and ammo cans into the vehicle. Dan was going over all of his gear and checking his weapons, and wondering what he had signed on for.

Fern checked the DAGR for their route and position then went over her gear as best as she could remember how.

Tempe adjusted the custom ear piece on to Bono’s ear. He fidgeted as it settled into place.

“Can you hear me?” Tempe asked him through the Coms.

A quick double click answered her that Bono could hear her.

Moving like a shadow through the group was Hellcat 3; Milton Shaddik. His go bag was slung on his back. Unconsciously he pushed the SBR .300 Blackout back by his pack as he hefted the long bag that held his real workhorse. Technically it was the Barret XM500, but he called her Vera. He watched the new MTF struggle with gear and trying to do the impossible. They were trying to prepare for all possible problems. Amateurs.

With 2 minutes to spare they were on the road to the airport.

The flight was uneventful and everyone was trying to pass the time and seem less nervous than what they felt. Milt slept like a log.

The vehicle provided was a Sprinter that had been reinforced. They loaded up the entire multitude of gear they had brought into the new wheels. As they were loading Milton pulled out Vera and laid out a mat. He now took up the floor between the back rows with the business end of Vera pointed to the back of the van.

“So who’s driving?” Tempe asked.

“Yeah who is driving?” Fern seconded.

“I got it.” Dan said as he shook the keys.

“Shotgun”, Tempe and Pistachio shouted. Tempe was barely faster than Pistachio and smiled as she threw her trauma bag into the floor board on the passenger side.

The drive took three hours into the Tennessee woods. The destination was a large raised earthen berm with a single entrance that was gated. As they drive up the gate opened. Three men and a table were visible standing outside of a single small concrete building.
The lab coat on one gave him away as the tech, his shiny Massive Dynamic logo on the pocket. The two accompanying him dressed in full combat gear brandishing G36 rifles, Massive Dynamic logos on all their gear. On the table set a black case.

A quick exchange of signatures and documents and the case was handed off to MTF Phi 7. They began the long drive to Nevada.

As the silence settled in, Pistachio finally broke the quiet, “So…Are we going to open it?”
Fern spun in her seat, “What if it has radiation or something? You just want to open this?”
Pistachio’s hand moved unconsciously towards the package. Fern and Tempe, oblivious to each other began to use the tech in their head sets to scan the package. There was no Alpha, Beta, or Gamma particle emission. Of course that could just be the protection from the case.

“No, this is like, Pandora’s box. This is not a good ideal.” Fern established her position more firmly.

“Yeah, but…” was as much of Pistachio’s counter argument that made it out.

Dan spoke over him, “Milt, What do you have to say about this?”

“Probably rigged to explode, that’s how I would do it.”

Dan shook his head and refocused on the road.

Fern unholstered her weapon and pointed it at Pistachio, “Don’t, just don’t. I don’t trust you.”

“Yeah, your knee showed how well you make decisions.” Tempe added in agreement.

Pistachio shook his head and settled back against the wall away from the accusing stares. This is why he hated people.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the standoff in the front of the van. No one noticed Milton grab the case and pop the latches, peering at what it held. His eyes focused on the effigy nested in the foam. A carved likeness of something his mind rebelled against. His brain and higher functions started to sway and the need to vomit was rising. Milton felt the cybernetic enhancement at the base of his spine begin to do its job. His eyes began to see the image as pixilated and distorted. His body began to set itself right immediately. He hadn’t felt things like that since South America.

Fern felt the skin around her eyes begin to warm and then to burn. She snapped her attention to the case that Milt held.

“No!” She yelled. Her goggles showed no change in emissions from the now open case. She crammed her gun back into her holster. “Nobody move. Nobody touch it!” She moved over to the case. The statue inside the case hurt her mind to look at. She snapped the case closed. Her face cooled off instantly.

“Ah you opened it without me!” Pistachio complained to Milt, “What was inside?”

“Nightmare fuel.” Fern answered as she tightened her grip around the case handle, “Dan you need to go faster.”

“It’s a four day drive.” Dan replied

“Then make it a three day drive.”

From the back Milton spoke up, “Pull over if you see a place that has calamari.”

“Didn’t the briefing say don’t open the case?” Tempest said trying to recall the briefing.

“Do you two know what you have done?” Fern started to berate the two men not driving.

“I didn’t do anything!” Pistachio protested

“You do know that we have to answer for this!” Ferns face was hot again but this was due to the rush of blood to her face, “If I didn’t care so much about my own life I would unleash it on both of you!”

The rest of the day passed in uncomfortable silence.

Dan was starting to bob and weave. His head would touch his chest and he would snap back awake. Finally he pulled over to the side of the road.

“I need someone to swap off.”

“Defiantly, who else is driving?” Fern asked

A small furry hand raised in the back.

“Can we please not go with the Raccoon?” She pleaded.

“We need to do this in shifts. It still isn’t proven that this thing won’t kill us in our sleep, Kruger style.” Milt spoke up.

“So who else can drive?” Tempe pressed the question.

“I’ll drive,” Pistachio said as confidently as he could.

He grabbed the keys and with a shuffling of positions, they were loaded back into the van. As they sat there and Pistachio revved the engine in neutral, it became obvious that Pistachio did not know how to drive.

Pistachio turned the van off and stepped out of the van, walking back to the rear passenger bay, “Yeah, someone else gets to drive.”

Fern moved to the front, taking the driver’s seat as she wedged the case between her and Temperance.

The day passed in monotony. Milton was a quiet, creepy presence. They were never sure when he was asleep or awake.

Twelve hours had passed, and now Fern was the one who needed a break.

“Guys, I need a relief.”

A sharp whistle called all eyes to its source and a small four fingered hand appeared above the seat.

“No. No, I put up with so much weirdness; I am not letting the raccoon drive!” Fern shouted.

The hand turned into the modified yet unmistakable gesture of the “bird” before disappearing.

Temperance changed out with Fern.

“I heard raccoon is tasty…” Pistachio mentioned to no one.

As Bono set down in the passenger seat, he made the “I’m watching you”, to Pistachio as he made a feeble attempt at making a sign for trap.

Bono took Tempe’s P90 and settled in for the drive.

Three hours into the ride they crested a hill and below them they could see two busses parked nose to nose blocking the two lane road.

“Everyone up.” Tempe stated as she slowed the van.

They could see six people moving from between the busses. A single man stepped in front of the other five.

“Shit,” Milton said, “that’s Lattimer Mason, he is part of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Dirty as hell but we haven’t been able to get anything to stick.”

Milton dropped back into position, with Vera.

The group ahead started to aim at the van. Lattimer opened a book and raised his hand. The earth began to shake and Temperance jerked the van into a hasty U-turn. Before them the road was gone. A fifteen foot wall of earth rose to block the way they had come.

“Oh shit, he’s an earth bender!” Fern yelled

Milton shoved the rear doors open and took the shot.

Vera barked. Lattimer’s chest exploded into a mist of blood and there was a clear hole through his chest where his heart should be. One of his followers began to drag him behind the busses. “One down.”

Temperance closed her eyes and suddenly the heavily armed woman dropped and the man next to her fell a heartbeat after.

The rear tire of the van blew as a round hit it.

Fern made her way out of the van and moved to the rear corner of the van using it as cover against the people in the road.

Milton extracted himself and Vera from the van and positioned himself across the hood.

Pistachio dashed to the right hand side of the woods, charging forward to flank the group.
Bono dashed out into the left hand woods and moved counter to Pistachio.

Wild fire from the church followers spread across the van. One man in tactical gear began to advance as he unleashed shotgun fire at Milton.

Temperance took a quick sharp breath and popped up with her P90 and squeezed the trigger as she swept it across the man closest man. He crumpled to the ground.

Dan brought “The Reverend” up on target and pulled the trigger. The hammer fell and there was nothing. As he cleared the chamber, he had a better view of the assailant with the shotgun. That son of a bitch was Gordon Miller. Dan leaned out the window, “Gordon Fucking Miller, it is going to be a pleasure to wipe you of the face of the fucking earth!”

The Reverend boomed and Miller’s left elbow was blown apart. As he wheeled from the impact, the bullet carried on its path and struck the church follower in her side dropping her to the ground.

At the opposing side of the vans the pair emerged from the woods. Latimer was standing and the hole in his chest was gone. Pistachio ran towards the priest as the man next Latimer fell from Bono’s shot. Bono aimed at the priest and fired. Three rounds hit the priest’s chest. The impact from the shots pulled Latimer out of Pistachio’s bullet path.

Fern moved around the van to try and get a shot at Miller.

Temperance brought her P90 back on line and took a shot at Miller. The bullets rocked his lower torso. Miller frantically grabbed flash bangs off of his vest as Milton’s shot glance over his head.

Miller tossed the flash bangs and ran for the woods.

Latimer looked Pistachio in the eyes; Pistachio could feel the hate this man now had for him, and then Lattimer was gone.

Bono looked at Pistachio and shrugged.

As their ears stopped ringing and sight returned, Milton yelled, “Check the bodies!”

The group began to move forward and check the bodies. There were identical tattoos on all of the church members. Pistachio began to board the closest bus and found it empty of
people and gear inside. Bono clicked the intercom key to get Tempe’s attention.

Dan checked the pulse of the female mercenary. She was down but alive. Milton handed him zip-cuffs to secure her. Dan secured her and took her weapons, and began to pull off her armor.

Pistachio jumped up on the closest bus. The keys sat in the ignition. Lying across the back seats he found 3 M-4s, 3 sets of Armor, and a sheet of old, curling paper. Looking at was unsettling. The runic characters on the sheet seemed to crawl across the page. 4 boxes of MRE’s sat unopened in the back 2 seats.

“What is it?” Fern asked

“It says something about “The Binder”, I can’t make it out.” Tempe answered.

Minerva chimed in on the com system, “I concur. The page is about the page is about the “Binder”, but I will need more time for the text.”

MTF Phi 7 began to move all of their gear to the bus Pistachio had checked. As the last piece was taken off, Milton tossed a thermite grenade into the van.

Dan settled into the driver seat of the commercial bus and restarted the journey west.

lets try this again

72 hours before. A promising Alchemax researcher named Fern Ronin Barrow unfortunately ran across documents on the mainframe that suggested that the company was looking to sell weapons to the Dynastic Empire. Fern is floored. Who would trade with the Dynastic Empire? They were enemies of humanity!
Fern took the information to her supervisor, this was obviously not company policy.
Dr. Finnway shook his head, “I wish you had not seen this Miss Barrow. You were a great asset to the team.”
He pressed a button on his desk and mouthed the word, ‘Run’ to her. Fern ran.
She seen the Alchemax security team exiting the elevator as she ran for the bathroom. What the hell was she going to do? She ducked into the final stall and locked the door. She heard the team enter and the sound of weapons being readied. The stall doors were being opened.
As panic set in she listened to the door to the stall next to hers open. Then she heard… Beayon Nevaio?
Suppressed weapons fire. A single man opened the door, “You coming?”
Fern followed him passed the bodies of the security team. He quickly lead her to the street and to a safe house and every few hours to another safe house.
Finally, Jackie, he had introduced himself in the rush of the escape, handed her a pistol. “You know how to use this?”
She nodded, “But…?”
“I have to go.” I’ll send you travel arrangements.”
“The gun?”
“If in doubt, shoot.” He smiled…
A few days later her notification beeped letting her know of her travel arrangements.

Now she was on a small plane, sitting across the aisle from a man who looked like he had just crawled out of the woods. The pilot was quiet and said nothing as they head out over the Colorado forests.
They landed hard on a small dirt strip the likes of which she hadn’t seen since flying out to see Lucifer’s Hammer. She rubbed her face around her eyes remembering her memento from that time. She loaded on to the non-descript white van. The lumberjack loaded a pack and jumped in.
Out of the woods rose a building that looked like a refugee from the English country side. A tall and imposing castle. As she disembarked from the van she seen a smiling Jackie headed towards her. As she watched, his face faded from friendly to hard as nails, suddenly a pistol was in his hand. “Who is that? Fern did you bring him?”
“wha, he was on the plane,” she stumbled on the words as he brushed her behind him and leveled the gun at the lumberjack.
“Who the fuck are you?” Jackie demanded
“I followed the plane to see where it went.” The Lumberjack stated
The Lumberjack shifted slightly as he looked at his options. An angry looking woman came quickly out of the main door. The rifle in her right hand trained on the Lumberjack as she casually tossed another rifle to Jackie without looking.
“How we going to do this? Easy way or fun way?” Jackie asked the Lumberjack
The Lumberjack turned to run. The shot bellowed out of Jackie’s rifle, breaking the silence.
Fern shirked away involuntarily at the roar. The Lumberjack’s left knee disappeared in a cloud of blood, and he collapsed.
Jackie was like lightning, “Get her inside and get medical.” He had pushed his rifle behind him and was pulling a pouch off of his side and running to the Lumberjack.
The angry woman pushed Fern inside, “This way..”
Outside Jackie went to his knees by the Lumberjack, “Hold on kid, I’ll get you.”
Jackie was working furiously, then he came up with a needle in his hand, “Don’t worry son, everyone loves morphine.”
As the plunger fell, Pistachio blacked out.
Fern was ushered into what looked like the lecture halls she had sat in in class. A man, a woman and a raccoon were already seated. A raccoon?
The raccoon lowered its sunglasses and sized up Fern. The raccoon pushed its sunglasses back into position and went back to his own devices.
Fern was in shock, “Is that a raccoon? What is going on….”
“Yeah that’s Bono.” The woman in the room answered.
The angry woman had left. Fern found a place to sit as the world was spinning violently again. She sat and her hands brushed the red reminder she carried with her from her time at Lucifer’s Hammer.

Pistachio woke up on a warm metal bench. He could hear the soft hum of machines. As he opened his eyes, he could see the arm of a machine slowly laying the final tendons into his ruined knee. The angry woman was back. She was rooting around in his pack.
“I’d be careful, my pack is rigged with explosives.”, Pistachio said with a dry raspy voice.
“Nice try, the detector would have triggered on explosives.”, She shrugged and closed the bag.
The man who shot him walked in, “How you doing champ? What the hell were you doing here?”
“Seen a plane flying over the woods. Decided to see where it was going.” Pistachio croaked.
“Well you’ve recruited yourself into the Office of Antiquities. Or I can shoot you.” Jackie smiled, “so grab your bag and follow me or make a run for the door.”
Pistachio stood, his knee surprisingly didn’t hurt. He shouldered his pack and his rifle, the magazine was loaded to his surprise. He followed Jackie out.
As they walked into the room, an older distinguished man had walked on to the dais, “You are all here to be a part of MTF Phi 7. There are forces at work inside and outside the power of our government that I currently fear. As you have all been placed in my care and for my use, I have decided to keep you off of the table. Your two teams will be housed in the Outpost. Your missions will be given to you by Minerva and by your own discretion. Listen to Minerva, and to each other. I trust you to what is best for humanity."
Everyone watched as he left. Silence settled in to fill the void for a beat.
“Ok, April, take them to get geared up and we move out in 15.” Jackie broke the quiet.
“What, I’m not a damn baby sitter.” The scary woman barked, “Shit, Follow me.”
After a confusing gear up and quick introductions, MTf Phi 7 and the Hellcats headed to their new base in the middle of nowhere, in what used to be New Mexico.

First on Campus

Following the research that saved an American Union Marshall, Temperance is offered a new job with the OA. She boards a small passenger jet in Denver and flies to an unknown airstrip. At the run down facilities she is then bussed through a forest to Miskatonic Castle.

The castle seems to be from a back lot horror movie at first glance, but then as Tempe looks closer she starts to see more modern touches, lights, cameras.

As she leaves the van she notices an obvious G-man already there with a small bag over his shoulder. Her attention is pulled away as Bono whistles for her to set him free. Bono is her companion raccoon. As soon as the cage is open Bono dusts himself off and grabs his sunglasses out of Tempe’s pocket. He then looks around the grounds.

Across the parking lot, “so that just happened…”, Dan says to himself.

Only to here a response of, “I think they may have hired her simply for the little guy.”
The voice catches Dan by surprise as he never had an inkling the man had approached.

“Is that typical?”, Dan asked suppressing any reaction to the surprise.

“Man nothing is typical at the castle. Lets get you guys settled in.”

The man introduces himself as Jackie and leads them into the building. He shows them their quarters and takes them to the main hall to wait for the Curator.


Forge a world like you’ve always known…but never have seen…apply for your spot on the team NOW!

A game in it’s planning stages, voice up now and you may just change the world while the ink is still wet. Rules are based on the Savage Worlds game system. four seats open. Game is in planning stages at present. All input and player set up through website to start. Game location TBD. Novice players are more than welcome, they are encouraged to join. Game tone and setting language are for mature players. If under age, your parents have to OK you to play.

So the style and theme are taking a turn and I hope to find players in the area for a semi regular game night. The build of the world is fluid and open to input from players.


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