Lucifer's Hamer

A giant crystalline structure that fell from the heavens and crashed into earth. Officially titled UO329, the media and history has dubbed this “Lucifer’s Hammer”, its impact created a massive EMP wave that started the second dark age.

All new age crystalline technology is derived from Lucifer’s Hammer; most of this is controlled by the Military complex. Patens are held by Stark Industries, Wayland Yutani, and Umbrella.

Lucifer’s Hammer is revered by the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

The Necromorph phenomenon has been observed since the fall of Lucifer’s Hammer.

The Alabaster control zone was established after the loss of contact with the initial B.R.P.D. field team. No one is allowed in or out with consent of the local Delta Green commander.

Lucifer's Hamer

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