The Best Job You’ll Never Know About

No one really remembers the start of the Blood Wars. No one on our side that is. I’m sure the vampires do. We had always known about the vampires, about their society. We even had organizations to keep eyes on them. The B.R.P.D., Delta Green, and then us at the Office of Antiquities.

We were originally formed by the OSS during WWII to keep tabs on the Anhenabre. As their power grew and the B.R.P.D. grew in size and authority, we became more or less a support unit for them. At the turn of the millennium we were downsized and nearly disappeared. Then Lucifer’s Hammer fell.

The shit literally hit the fan.

Hammerfall is the destroyer of what was.

Hammerfall unleashed a wave of electromagnetic shock that destroyed the world we lived in. The only nation that had been remotely prepared was the USA. Her military industrial complex swung into action and martial law was in effect before Lucifer’s Hammer even breached our atmosphere. As the world went black, the people of the USA were already fighting to hold against the forces of the unimaginable that Hammerfall unleashed.

Hammerfall is the impetus that created the American Union.

Hammerfall and the destruction it wreaked were the anvil and hammer that shaped the remaining children of Seth. They fought to make it through to the daybreak. They fought to live through the week. They fought to survive. The people of the USA realized to survive they must take the offensive. General Andrew Jake Johnson gave the “Rebirth of Manifest Destiny” speech. He spoke of the duty and destiny of the last children of liberty to not just survive but to retake. This idealism lead to the lightning warfare, and brutal ferocity that allowed the retaking of the rest of the Americas. Reuniting the hopes of humanity in the American Union. It is the impetus that lead to the creation of our great American Union. The USA was the ember that would fan out and engulf the invading forces in a wild fire. This was truly Manifest Destiny.

Hammerfall is the mystery that will carry us forward to the future.

Hammerfall was completely against science. Lucifer’s Hammer creating interactions and events that defied physics. Several of the surviving Mega Corps have invested heavily into research of the crystal and it’s properties. Stark America has brought forth new weapons and technology based on the crystal. Other companies also research into it; Weyland-Yutani, Umbrella Corp, Alchamax , and Genetech.

The initial impact sent out an EMP wave that tore around the globe. The world went dark. Here in the U.S., we scrambled to get things running, to avert tragedy, to protect ourselves. We didn’t have time to think of anyone else. As we spent the next couple of years getting our shit back in one sock, we began to find out what was going on everywhere else. It was not good.

Europe, Asia Minor, and Africa had fallen and were now under the power of an entity called the Dynastic Empire. There were tales of people being used like cattle by their vampire lords. Russia was silent and self confiding. South America called for help and we answered.

We Mobilized and reoriented ourselves as a new union, The Human Council. The Blood War lasted for five years until we had cleansed all of the Americas. We were now at a stale mate. We held the Americas. They held pretty much everything else. It stayed this way for fifteen years.

During this time of uneasy truce, we have taken in any strays that can make it to us. We have built Mega-cities to house the growing populace. Service is mandatory. Huge mega-corperations have also grown,Stark Industries, Massive Dynamics, Genetech, Umbrella, and now Alchemax. Alchemax is promising to be the next big thing as they claim to have a fix for the energy crisis. Technology has grown by leaps and bound especially the new crystal tech that has grown from discoveries made from Lucifer’s Hammer.

It all seem to lead back to Lucifer’s Hammer. The B.R.P.D. sent it’s field team as soon as the Hammer fell. We lost contact with them after a single message warning of a bio-hazard. Nothing was found of the team. Blood and strange corpses are all that was found. The new Human Council had to dispatch Delta Green to deal with what we now termed “Necromorph” outbreaks. The HC stepped us up to deal with the lack of the B.R.P.D. heavy hitters and the boys from Delta Green now being on bug hunts. We now had field teams, and were now considered part of the war effort.

We were now big time.

The world strives to get back on its axis of normality. Our informants have leaked info on the Dynastic Empire back to us. Tales of creatures called Reapers that generally act like wild animals but at times act as cunning and suave as a movie star. The old world has apparently fallen into a state of neo-feudalism with City-States ruled by Dynastic Families. Tales of unimaginable creatures and pain and torture. Oh, and they have to deal with the Necromorphs too.
The Necromorphs. What a pain in the ass. I’m glad the heavy lifting on this is done by Delta Green. They are an absolute nightmare. They are the reanimated corpses of any on in the area, Sometimes anything. Can you believe there is a religion that considers these things a holy penance? Yeah, those eco-nuts, The Esoteric Order of Dagon. They believe that original sin was leaving the ocean and the closeness with mother Gaia. Horseshit. There are some weird things going on with that church and their leader.

So suit up, the world isn’t going to wait for us to save it.

The Office of Antiquites: Wildcards

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